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you know youre a deadhead when,,,,

1. You spend more money on blank tapes than you do on rent.
2. None of your tapes have names on them, just dates.
3. You recognize "DOSESBUDSHROOMSX" as both a statement and a question.
5. You prefix every noun with "Kind", or "Icy cold".
8. On forms you list your occupation as "?".
9. GDTRFB, SSDD, BIODTL, FOTD, SOTM, LTGTR, NFA, and WALSTIB all mean something to you.
11. Someone asks you what you do for fun, and you just smile real wide.
14. Your car windows look like stained glass from being covered with colored stickers.
15. You think $1.00 for a grilled cheese sandwich is pretty damn cheap.
17. Your boss notices members of you're family only become deathly ill when there happens to be a dead show within a 1,000 mile radius.
20. Whenever you walk through a parking lot you instinctively hold your right index finger in the air.
22. You can install a new cylinder head on a '68 VW microbus with your eyes closed.
24. You find it amazing that some people fill balloons with AIR.
25. You try to convince your grandmother Aoxomoxoa is an acceptable play for a Scrabble triple word score.
26. Your dog is named Bertha.
27. Your KID is named Althea.
33. You consider a "miracle" to be a ticket to tonight's show.
38. You swear the guy walking by you at the football game just muttered "doses!"
39. There are ten people still shacking up at your house from the summer 1990 tour, and you don't know any of them.
40. You consider veggie burritos gourmet.
43. You try to claim gas to and from Dead shows as an income tax deduction.
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